Queries & Complaints

Who to talk to

From time to time,  you may need to talk to somebody about a specific issue, query or complaint. In most cases your child's class teacher is the first person to speak to. You can make an appointment via emailing the office ( office@sunning-hill.bolton.sch.uk ), by telephone on 01204 333588 or call into the school office.  Alternatively, your child's class teacher may be able to have a brief chat with you at the end of the school day if it's a quick matter.

Whatever your concern, please be assured that we want to listen. If you feel your issue requires the attention of the Headteacher or a member of the senior leadership team, please contact the school office who will make an appointment for you to come into school.

We will try to deal with any issues, queries or complaints as quickly as possible. We want your child to feel safe and happy at school so dealing with concerns quickly is key to an open and honest relationship between school and parents.

If you are unhappy with how school has resolved your issue, please come back and speak to the Headteacher, we will do our very best to work with you to find a resolution. If, on the rare occasion you remain dissatisfied you can follow the schools complaints policy below to make a formal complaint. Our reasonable complaints policy is also below.

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