At Sunning Hill, we strive to build positive relationships with our parents from the moment your child starts school. We believe that strong, effective relationships between parents and our staff enables us to support you to have an active role in your child’s education. 

We work with our parents to understand your child’s interests, strengths and provide support if there are any barriers to learning. By combining parents’ knowledge of their child with staff’s expertise in teaching and learning, we can ensure the best outcomes for all our children.  

We seek to provide a variety of ways to share information with you. There are opportunities for parents to come to play and stay sessions, discuss your child’s progress at parents evenings and you will receive two progress reports each academic year. We also provide opportunities for parents and carers to understand our approach through workshops and sharing information about our practice. 

If you have any concerns about your child or would just like to share some information with us, please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s key worker or class teacher. You may also contact our school SENCO, Mrs Torpey, or any member of the senior leadership team. 

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