Our history curriculum offers opportunities to develop children’s sense of identity through learning about the development of Britain, Europe and the world. It also enables children to gain an understanding of the past, with relation to themselves, their families, their communities and the wider world. We enthuse and engage children through a range of trips, visitors, events and first hand experiences.

Sunning Hill is committed to providing a history education that inspires pupil’s curiosity and fascination about the world, its history and its people. Our teaching equips pupils with knowledge and understanding of key events, people and events in their own, their country’s and world history. As pupils progress through school, the history curriculum will enable them to deepen their understanding of key events, key people, chronology and the use of primary and secondary sources.

Our curriculum is delivered in conjunction with the use of curriculum drivers which are used to provide a historical focus for each unit taught throughout school. It also allows a common thread to be woven through the subjects.

 Our drivers are:

·         Significant people

·         Daily life

·         Chronology

·         Historical landmarks

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